Why are LoL players more and more often giving kills to supports? You might be surprised to see this snowball

An interesting relationship can be seen more and more often at higher ranks.

Probably everyone knows that in League of Legends there are heroes who have a really bad start to the game, but after building a few items, they are able to win the game on their own. Especially if we give them some early kills.

Although characters such as Yasuo, Jinx can be mentioned here, they are not on the podium in Snowball. So which characters snowball the best? This will explain the recent trend seen on servers.

Best snowballing characters

In League of Legends, eliminating opponents is an important part of the game. Thanks to this, we gain the gold needed to build items and the EXP advantage. However, there are characters who do better or worse in the first levels.

However, if the opposing scaling champion suffers a few kills, the game can be somewhat difficult. Who does the best after a few eliminations and wins the most games? Until now, the community has not had access to these statistics, but it turns out that you can easily check them.

As you can see, the biggest WR with a minimum of 2 eliminations in the 10th minute has, surprisingly, Soraka. It increased from 52.9% to 70.3%, which is a really big value. The same applies to Kayle, Rakan, and Corki.

If we look at the second table, we see… something amazing. Of the 10 heroes, 8 of them are supporters. Out of the 20 characters (both tables), 13 are supporters. Does this mean that it is worth giving them liquidations?

Yes and no. Support items don’t cost too much due to the fact that they don’t farm gold and have a lower income. As a result, with a few eliminations, they are much better stocked, making them more tanky, heal more or apply larger shields.

There is also the other side of the coin. It is usually difficult for support to have a few kills early in the game due to the fact that players usually try to feed their carry. Sometimes, however, they will take liquidation, and having a few on your account could mean that this important line must have really dominated the opponents. As a result, both ADC and support gained a huge advantage. Thanks to this, the team was provided with drake, gold from the tower, and finally won the game.