Perfect sync of League of Legends players that did not know each other. What happened?

The randomly selected players worked very well when Caitlyn ulted one of them.

Playing Summoner’s Rift with strangers can often be difficult. While it’s not as noticeable on top or mid lane, the lack of alignment at the bottom can be problematic. Often a randomly selected partner may have a completely different style of play, which makes it difficult to communicate with each other, so it is quite close to any arguments and unpleasant atmosphere.

Sometimes, however, it also happens that a randomly met person shows great understanding and adaptation. A perfect example of this is presented on the video posted on Reddit that shows some pretty interesting bot lane action. What exactly happened?

Reaction to Caitlyn’s ult

A user with the nickname GOAT_Preacher shared a short video that shows the action on the bot lane. From the title, you can learn that in this match the author of the clip played with random people, so communication could be a bit difficult.

On bot, you can see Rakan and Lucian from the blue team and Caitlyn and Lulu from the red team. Rakan has quite a few health points, so the enemy ADC decides to use his ultimate. Probably the whole situation would have ended with the death of Support, had it not been for the fact that he and his shooter had used the flash at the perfect moment. Lucian blocked the missile from Caitlyn and the action resulted in a happy end.


Such situations are relatively rare. Hilarious moments where random players tried to block Caitlyn’s ult were frequently depicted, but due to a lack of communication ultimately hit the one with the least HP anyway. It also happens that a stranger from the team is not interested in his teammate and does not react at all when he is in trouble.

In this case, Rakan was very lucky that Lucian thought about a Flash at the same time as he did.

The commentators emphasized that it could probably have been played better. So that both players don’t lose their flash. However, it should be remembered that in some situations players panic a bit and do not choose the most sensible option.