Riot jokingly about the latest LoL support. Milio’s goal will be to cheer ADC on in battle?

League of Legends developers have given a humorous description of what Milio’s game will be like.

Yesterday, a preview of the newest hero that will hit Summoner’s Rift soon was made available. It’s about another supporter, who will be related to fire and will come from the Ixtal region, which is certainly well known to Qiyana fans.

Milio will be a young boy who uses the element of fire to heal wounds. So far, the announcements of the champion have been related to adorable fireflies, and it was these that appeared in the teaser – The announcement of Milio, a new character in League of Legends, is already in the game

Since the champion’s fireflies don’t really do anything in the videos released, players started joking that the new character would be all about watching his ADC. What does Riot say about this?

Riot jokes about Milio

The announcement of the newest hero quickly circulated the Internet and was often commented on YouTube, Reddit, or Twitter. Among the opinions of players, there was a joke saying that after the teaser, it is clear that the new enchanter will not do anything, just sit and watch what happens on the line.

One Rioter wrote back to the comment in a humorous way, saying that Milio will indeed only be a positive observer of the situation in the lower lane.

The real support for new players. They will cheer you on in game! Supporting the nearest adc mentally with good cheer and upbeat attitude.

Of course, these types of statements are jokes and should not be taken seriously, especially since previous leaks have already revealed some of the skills of the new character –Milio’s skills. Leaks related to the skills of LoL’s newest support. It is uncertain whether the leakers’ predictions will turn out to be true, but many players believe that these skills will actually appear in the game.