Chromas of the latest Astronaut skins from League of Legends, new Little Legends and more

The test server has seen cosmetic additions related to the latest skins and more.

Yesterday, several new skins were revealed that will soon hit the store in League of Legends. As always, each of them received a set of colors.

Of course, that’s not the end of the news – the developers also showed the appearance of a new mythical chroma, which this time will go to Ashe. In addition, more Little Legends from TFT have also appeared on PBE. What do they look like?

New cosmetic additions

On February 8, the appearance of five new Astronaut series skins was published. They will go to:

  • Fizz,
  • Ivern,
  • Kennen,
  • Xerath,
  • Singed.

The appearance of skins in the game can be seen in a separate article on the subject: Presentation of new skins in LoL. They are given to: Fizz, Ivern, Kennen, Xerath, Singed

Chromas for each skin are now available on the test server, which look as follows:

Astronaut Fizz

Astronaut Ivern

Astronaut Kennen

Astronaut Xerath

Astronaut Sinded 

Mythic Chroma PROJECT: Ashe

TFT news

Chibi Ahri and Chibi Star Guardian Ahri 

New Little Legends