Riot asks LoL players which team would win the game. 5 characters that received a rework

A team made up of older versions of champions face off against their new incarnations. Which of them will win?

League of Legends is an older game, which thanks to updates continues to be very popular among fans. The production continues to look fresh after years, as the updates affect not only the balance, but also refresh the look of the map or heroes, and many champions received completely new skill sets.

The pool of fully revamped characters is significantly big, and Riot decided to reminisce about their older versions by publishing a loading screen of the game, in which the revamped heroes face their predecessors. Which team would be more likely to win?

Older heroes versus their new incarnations

A short post with a photo appeared on the official League of Legends Twitter, captioned with a question about which team fans think would win the game. Urgot, Evelynn, Akali, Sion, and Irelia can be seen on both teams, but one of the teams is made up of older versions of champions, and the other of their revamped incarnations.

How are fans voting? As of 10 hours before votes were blocked, the team with updated versions of the characters is in the lead – leading with 55.2%. In the comments, however, many fans justify why they think the updated characters would not have it so easy at all with their previous incarnations.

Also, the key aspect is what items at the disposal of both teams would be. As one might guess, items that the heroes have not had the opportunity to try out could make it possible to achieve something that is difficult to predict.

It all depends on whether the older heroes would have old items at their disposal. Give Deathfire Grasp to the old Eve, and she would make the new Sion disappear when Akali eliminates the other four with Gunblade.

Quite a few comments also concern the old Sion, who according to them would be the strongest in his team. The stun on the point-and-click skill and the amazing AoE damage and shield, when built for AP or lifesteal granted by his super-skill, meant that, with a little luck, he could easily handle the entire enemy team.