LoL players have noticed that 9 out of the top 10 current junglers have a specific thing in common

Jungle at the end of patch 13.1b. What does the tier list look like and what might the 13.3 update change about it?

In League of Legends, most champions are designed with a specific role in mind, and that’s where you see them most often. In addition to the role, there is the class, which, in a rather simplistic way, characterizes how a champion fights.

Players have noticed that the best jungle heroes currently can be divided in a specific way, which shows the strength of not only the different classes but also the items. Who is currently opening the tier list and what is the source of this success?

Top junglers in patch 13.1b

The preseason, which hit the servers some time ago, introduced quite a few itemization changes to League of Legends, and junglers on top of that had to get used to quite a few changes in both the jungle and the shop – now, at the beginning of the game, players who went to the jungle choose a companion who will support them in battle for the rest of the game.

As expected, this has reflected on the meta, which currently looks slightly different than it did a few months ago. A user pointed out that virtually all of the characters in the top ten are tank or AP junglers. Four of them are Maokai, Udyr, Amumu, and Zac, who stock Demonic Embrace as their first item.

User 1nc000 found it simply interesting to look at the stats below, and the fact that it’s hard to find a hero in the stats that builds under AD and doesn’t rely on a fair amount of immunity leaves many players puzzled.

Some of them are also multiple lane flexes. Amumu is the second highest winrate support, followed by Maokai who is the fifth highest winrate support. Just below Maokai is Zac, at sixth highest winrate. Zac is also the 2nd highest winrate toplaner + midlaner (granted, the sample size is quite small). Udyr is also pulling decent numbers toplane currently.

In the comments, you can find many statements about Zac. Fans believe that the hero is far too strong at this point. However, it is already known that in the 13.3 update, his weaknesses will hit the live servers. Zac’s nerfs, however, are not all that can pop the tier list. Amumu and the Radiant Virtue item will also be weaker, with Kayn, Lee Sin, and Trundle getting buffs.