CSGO without any major update scores biggest player peak since 2020

Why introduce anything when the numbers are big on their own? CS:GO has just scored a really high peak in players.

CS:GO hasn’t received any major update that could actually boost player numbers. Despite this, Valve’s production has just recorded a very high score – the best in a good two years.

This can be influenced, among other things, by esports games, which even on Twitch pushed CS:GO up strongly. TOP 1 today naturally is the new game starring Harry Potter, but CS ahead of LoL is quite a rare sight:

Best result in two years

CS:GO has just crossed the barrier of 1.2 million active players at one point in time. The last time such a result fell in 2020, more specifically in April.

For Valve, this is even excellent news, because at a time when many games are introducing seasons, updates, new locations, and cosmetic items, CS developers in general don’t have to do anything but introduce updates prepared by private map makers. And as you can see, it’s yielding quite reasonable results.

It is worth mentioning that the all-time peak is only 100,000 more players, so there is a chance to break the all-time record.