Only 5 days left for CSGO to beat its very poor record from 3 years ago

Valve, despite the complete lack of introduction of novelties, still maintains a very high number of people playing CS:GO. So there is no need to strain.

CS:GO practically maintains itself. Developers don’t even have to make too many adjustments anymore. Most of them are done by the map makers themselves. Valve just has to pay them and roll out their updates, although these, as the recent example showed, can be delayed.

In any case, Global Offensive maintains a very high number of players, regardless of the updates introduced. And that leaves the developers just days away from breaking a not-so-cool record.

5 days left for the record

One player pointed out a few days ago that there is only one week left to break the record for the longest gap in the release of new cases. To date, it has been a total of 219 days. In contrast, on January 28, 2023, it was 211 days.

Naturally, we have a few days after this post, so there are only 5 days left, not a week to break the 2019 record. It’s a bit sad, but rather hard to be surprised by Valve’s attitude.

Since people are playing anyway, there’s no point in releasing anything new. Although maybe Valve is waiting with everything until the release of Source 2, or a new operation – that could also be the case, although fewer and fewer people believe it.