CSGO’s Christmas changes may be small, but at least they’ve been delayed by a month

There were “Christmas changes” in CS: GO, which were supposed to be added in December. However, Valve has time and no one is in a hurry.

The holiday season is over, while only now a typically festive change that was supposed to appear in December has been introduced into CS:GO.

The changes to the Workshop landed on December 28, 2023. Valve decided that there was no point in introducing them and delayed them for a good 4 weeks. The result of this is that in January players may see new gifts.

Slightly delayed changes

Gifts, typically Christmas gifts, have appeared on one of the maps. It wouldn’t be surprising if it weren’t for the fact that it’s the end of January. The update itself was added yesterday.

Valve has delayed the release of this update by a month. It’s not clear why. It had been ready since December 28, which by the way was quite strange anyway.

Valve is doing practically nothing for Christmas by itself anymore. Gamers can only laugh at the current situation and hope that all the rumors about Source 2 will one day finally be confirmed.