Milio’s skills. Leaks related to the skills of LoL’s newest support

Leakers reveal what the skill set of the newest League of Legends hero might look like.

Some time ago it was revealed that the newest support from LoL will be called Milio. Rioters introduced him as a young boy who heals others using fire. It is also known that Milio will be from Ixtal, a region associated with Qiyana, among others.

So far, there have been mostly debates about what the hero’s powers will be related to, what he will look like, or what will drive him. Finally, the time has come to reveal information about his abilities.

Leakers published some tidbits about the set of skills of the latest supporter. What is known about him? To which champion can he be compared?

Milio – the latest support from LoL

Big Bad Bear, a well-known leaker in the League of Legends community, has revealed that interesting information has emerged about the skill set of the upcoming enchanter to the game. As always, nothing is 100% confirmed, but the YouTuber points out that in his opinion the descriptions sound really likely.

Two sizable sides of the skill set

  • Milio has two different forms for each skill and is able to choose to interact with his super-skill.

Buffs and crowd control

  • Milio is, on the one hand, more focused on strengthening allies (speed and healing), and on the other hand, dealing damage and crowd control.

Fire and flames

  • The dual form is evident through his VFX, in which he has the powers of fire or “friends” of glimmers

It was also said that quite a few players will compare the new hero to Lulu, but the characters will be played very differently.