Riot should change the rewards in LoL for leveling up. Players say they are now a chore

LoL players are asking for a change in the rewards or shard distribution system in Lol.

Riot Games changed the system of gaining experience in the League a good few years ago. Instead of locking a level, they unlocked it and now you can earn new levels indefinitely.

But now it seems outdated and annoys especially players who have all heroes. They propose an interesting solution that can curb this unpleasant obligation.

A million character shards

Another level and more shards of usually insignificant characters that the player has already owned for a long time. You can use them to make another mastery level for free, but only twice. After that, it’s just a tedious chore to exchange them for Blue Essence.

A post appeared on Reddit from a player who has all the characters and doesn’t know what he can do with the shards of the characters. He also claims that he has to exchange them manually indefinitely.

Many people with more than 500 levels have dozens or even hundreds of shards in their stash. Some don’t exchange them at all because the activity takes too much time.

The community has a solution for this. It is supposed to help by changing the system and adding an option to automatically exchange shards if the account already has that hero and a mastery level 7 or if there are more than one/two shards in the cache. It may not be a golden solution, but it will certainly modernize the workshop a bit and reduce the number of clicks required from the player.