LoL players created their versions of Valentine’s Day skins from Heartache and Heartthrob series

The League of Legends community has already started creating its own skins for Valentine’s Day.

A few days ago, this year’s Valentine’s Day skins with a new theme – Heartache and Heartthrob – were revealed. The cosmetic additions will go to Caitlyn, Vi, and Amumu.

We didn’t have to wait long for the first fan concepts from the new series related to the holiday of lovers to appear online. It turns out that the League of Legends community liked the new theme very much and is eager to create graphics related to it. Here are some examples.

Ideas for Valentine’s Day skins

Those who follow the artistic part of the League of Legends community certainly know that fans of this title are incredibly inventive. After the release of any new series, the internet is flooded with a batch of fan-made skins, which are often of really high quality. Players easily create dozens of concepts for their favorite heroes. This was also the case this time.

The Heartache and Heartthrob themes were very much liked by fans. This is largely because they fit well with many of the game’s couples – both official and fan-made.

Here are some examples of ideas for new skins that have been created in recent days. Which one looks the best?

Heartache and Heartthrob Soraka
Heartache Vex
Author: Harimizz

Heartthrob Lux
Author: richydraws

Heartache Veigar and Heartthrob Lulu
Author: cinamoncune

Heartache Sett
Author: abenyukafe

Heartthrob Aphelios
Author: abenyukafe