A funny idea for a new easter egg in LoL. Should Riot use it?

The reworked Aurelion Sol should have a unique interaction with a certain line of skins?

Probably most League of Legends fans know that the developers are working on revamping Aurelion Sol’s skills. There has been a lot of talk about this recently, with fans of the hero discussing his new skills.

One player, however, took a slightly different look at the topic. Instead of judging whether the revamped skills are good or bad, he thought Riot could introduce a fun easter egg that would fit perfectly with Aurelion’s new ult. What is it?

An idea for a new easter egg

One Reddit user came up with an interesting idea that could be used in the game. He associated Aurelion’s new super-skill with a meteorite that hits the earth and smothers the dinosaurs living on it. After such a description, some people have probably already guessed what the player’s idea is.

As you know, there have been many interesting easter eggs in League of Legends over the years. They were reworked or removed, but the fact that they appeared is a fun curiosity today.

Surely some people have heard about the fact that Leona’s Sunshine could make Zyra get bigger (referring to real plants), and Leona herself has a hidden passive that makes her deal 1 point less damage to opponents who have sunglasses.

The game also has hidden mini-events related to champions, such as the conflict between Rengar and Kha’Zix, or the fight between Ashe, Sejuani and Lissandra.

So what is the easter egg about the new Aurelion? The author of the idea wrote:

New Asol R should deal bonus damage to prehistoric skins

There are are many fun Easter eggs in the game, like Leona dealing 1 less damage to champions with sunglasses like vayne. So Aurelion Sol should deal 1 extra damage with his R to gnar and all prehistoric themed champion skins.

It just makes sense.

And if riot wanted to go the extra mile, whenever such a champ dies to Asol’s ult it could say in chat something like ‘gnar went extinct’ or ‘prehistoric cho’gath went extinct’.