Riot wants to change the prices of LoL heroes. Which currency will the developers deal with, will it be cheaper or more expensive?

The developers announced that they want to better adjust the prices of characters in the game.

The topic of champion prices in League of Legends has been returning regularly for a couple of years. The community has repeatedly complained that the characters in the game are simply too expensive and collecting them, especially for new players, is really inconvenient.

Quite recently it was discussed again on Reddit – League of Legends’ old champions still cost too much? Players suggest changes. Fans of the title were surprised that heroes released several years ago, such as Camille and Kled, for example, cost as much as champions who premiered in 2022 (such as K’Sante).

Players proposed more frequent price cuts so that only the newest characters would cost 6300 BE. The fact is that currently the vast majority of champions are priced at 4800 BE or higher, which, with more than 160 characters, looks pretty bad.

It turns out that Riot is aware that the prices in the store are severely outdated and poorly adapted to the needs of beginners who want to test as many heroes as possible. Such people are often interested in newer characters, so the argument that they can first unlock such for 450 BE is misplaced.

What exactly do the employees claim and what should change?

Changes to Blue Essence

On Reddit, a Rioter admitted that character pricing in League of Legends is outdated and needs to be changed. From the employee’s statement, it appears that the developers want to revamp the pricing of champions when it comes to Blue Essence, the free currency that can be collected in the game. This means that probably the prices in RP will not change.

Riot Truexy wrote in one of his comments on Reddit:

The only thing left to do is to wait for further information on this subject – unfortunately, it is not known when to expect it.