Riot confirms that the leak may cause an influx of cheaters in League of Legends

Work on anti-cheat in LoL will be accelerated. What is known about it?

The last few days for League of Legends developers have not been easy. The recent attack on the company caused huge problems – the release of new content was delayed, and the community panicked, as it was feared that logins and passwords would be leaked.

The developers had a lot of work to embrace all the delays and release the most important updates if possible, and postpone what couldn’t be taken care of to the next patch.

The topic of the cyber attack has led to more talk about cheating and the use of third-party programs by players. It turns out that Riot wants to reduce the opportunities for in-game cheating as soon as possible.

Anti-cheat in League of Legends

One of Riot’s well-known employees – Andrei “Meddler” van Roon – has spoken out on his work on anti-cheat and its connection to the recent attack on the company.

From Rioter’s words, it seems that after the situation, League of Legends developers want to focus even more on improving the system that would prevent cheating in the game.

Being honest, yeah, there is some meaningful risk of additional cheating happening (or at least being tried) when stuff like this happens. One silver lining is that as we mentioned briefly in that video a week or two back, updating anti-cheat with a new system was something we were looking to do anyway in 2023. Going to try and accelerate that work given all of this.

As you can see, League of Legends developers are aware that after the cyberattack, quite a few people may try to cheat and use third-party programs during matches. The community hopes that the new anti-cheat system will work properly.