Riot announces when patch 13.2 will be introduced. Ahri’s ASU postponed – to when?

The developers have released information on when the next two patches will be released.

Probably most people know that Riot has had some problems recently. The company struggled with a cyber-attack that caused quite a stir.

Many things came into question. Players began to wonder how these events would affect the release of content for LoL – the developers admitted that updates and news would be delayed. However, it was unclear whether the rescheduled dates would be changed and whether patches would not appear even later than announced.

In the end, Riot issued a statement that hotfixes have been completed and it is now certain when updates 13.2 and 13.3 will appear.

League of Legends updates 13.2 and 13.3

A few days ago, when news of the attack on Riot Games hit the community, the developers announced that some of the released content had to be postponed. This concerned, among others, the much-awaited Ahri’s ASU, which is really talked about. Unfortunately, problems meant that the heroine’s visual update would not be added to the game this month.

Eventually, the troubles associated with the patch were dealt with. On the official League of Legends account, appeared the information that the staff has completed work on the hotfix.

It is already known that the next patch – 13.2 will appear on January 26, which is Thursday.

Quick update, players. The team completed a hotfix that will include a lot of the content that was scheduled for patch 13.2. It’ll go live on January 26, but unfortunately, we won’t be able to include the Ahri ASU and some other stuff, which we will move to patch 13.3 (Feb. 8).

Thanks for your patience as we’ve worked through this. The good news is we’re on track to have everything repaired later in the week, letting us keep our regular patch cadence moving forward.