Presentation of Valentine’s Day skins from League of Legends – Caitlyn, Vi and Amumu

LoL developers have released a preview of new skins that will hit the game to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

For many years, League of Legends has released Valentine’s Day skins from various series every year. Most players are familiar with the Heartseeker universe, from which many of the adorable skins came.

Riot slightly changed the annual tradition and introduced other themes, such as Crystal Rose. Many fans of the titles were wondering what would appear this year since Valentine’s Day falls in just three weeks.

New Valentine’s Day skins

A preview of three new skins that will appear in the game on the occasion of Valentine’s Day 2023 has appeared online. You can quickly notice that the skins do not duplicate previously known themes, but introduce a certain breath of freshness.

The new Valentine’s Day skins will go to:

  • Caitlyn,
  • Vi,
  • Amumu.

Comments under the announcement are sharply divided. Some people like the new cosmetic additions very much, while others are surprised that Riot created such a skin for Vi, despite the fact that she already got the Heartbreaker skin in 2019.

There is also no shortage of people who are disappointed because they believed that the developers would continue the Crystal Rose series or carry over the skins already created in this universe from Wild Rift (to Lux or Sona, among others).