Riot is trying to make Yuumi good for everyone, even level 1 LoL players

Rioter speaks on Yuumi after nerfs, which is expected to receive a sizable update soon.

Some time ago it was possible to find out that Riot is planning changes to Yuumi. The character is not necessarily fulfilling the role the League designers envisioned for her. From a character that was supposed to be ideal for players who are just starting out in Riot’s production, she became a terror of the professional scene, where players were able to take full advantage of her abilities.

In addition to the planned rework, the details of which players picked up from a video introducing the new Aurelion Sol, the heroine received weakenings that were supposed to eliminate her from the professional scene and make the community slightly change its attitude towards the heroine (Yuumi’s mains are terrified that Riot’s completely destroyed their character. Developers respond). A few days after patch 13.1B comes out, the developers can determine whether the changes have succeeded in their goal.

Yuumi fixes on live servers

Riot Phroxzon reported on social media that the effects of Yuumi’s weaknesses are already visible on live servers. Early readings indicate that the heroine was losing about 3% at the average level and 5% at higher ranks.

Post rework, we still intend to balance Yuumi by our Balance Framework guidelines, where we hope her best bracket will be average/skilled play and weaker for Elite/Pro

The Rioter also assured that players who have spent a lot of time playing Yuumi will not be disappointed by the changes.

We still think we can hit the goal of Yuumi having a decent amount of mastery for her mains while simultaneously being excellent for new players [these don’t tend to be mutually exclusive]. True new players play very differently to say, a silver player who has 3000 games.

We still want to respect the mastery and investment that Yuumi players have put into their champion, but move the mastery out of things that Pros specifically do better than regular players.

Our suspicion is that Yuumi will perform closer to 50% for average, but <50% for Elite

We don’t expect Yuumi’s steep-ish mastery curve to change much, but we do expect the ways in which that mastery manifests to be different but still resonant with Yuumi mains. We mainly want to change how her mastery manifests in Pro that is making her overperform in that bracket

Thus, Yuumi will be a character that is friendly to new players, while performing well at an average level of gameplay in the hands of players who are familiar with her. She will, on the other hand, appear less frequently on the professional scene, for which, according to Rioters, she is not necessarily suited.