The announcement of Milio, a new character in League of Legends, is already in the game

An announcement of a support character coming to the game has appeared.

It has been known for some time that a character who is an enchanter associated with fire will join League of Legends. Initially, Riot only revealed that it would be a male support character and published a graphic depicting a cute fire enchanter.

In time, it was revealed that the new support hero’s name is Milio, and is a young boy from the Ixtal region. What does the announcement of the champion that hit Summoner’s Rift look like? Of course, it is related to his little fire friends.

Milio announcement in League of Legends

As mentioned above, Milio will be the latest support character from LoL. The character’s defining element is to be the adorable fireflies known from the first graphic released by Riot.

These are the ones that appeared on the teaser associated with this character. On the Summoner’s Rift map, you can find them in the lower lane.

It appears in a bay on bot and you can’t interact with it. It disappears when the map takes the element, that is, after defeating the first two dragons. It looks as follows:


It is worth mentioning that a few days ago there were leaks of the skills of the upcoming League of Legends support. You can read them here: Milio’s skills. Leaks related to the skills of LoL’s newest support.

According to leakers, Milio’s skills will have two forms of use, which may be associated with Lulu. However, it was pointed out that his style of play will be quite different from that of the heroine.