Characters and builds that shook the entire League of Legends. Who does one Rioter remember specifically?

Rioter talks about the heroes who wreaked havoc on Summoner’s Rift. What specific ones allowed them to do so?

League of Legends has been changing significantly for many years. At this point, it would be difficult to compare the current game to the one that the oldest LoL players remember. Many champions have received a complete rework, and sometimes it is difficult to clearly determine which version of a character would be currently stronger, as shown by the results of a survey published by the developers (Riot asks LoL players which team would win the game. 5 characters that received a rework).

However, the characters are not the only element that the developers are constantly working on. Items have also been changing. In the past, combinations appeared that were so strong that individual champions were able to win the match practically alone. One Rioter lists the most extreme cases.

Champions who were really strong

In League of Legends, sometimes a certain solution unexpectedly appears, which turns out to be so powerful that its use in the game practically ensures victory. Often in such situations, it boasts a lot of publicity, and the developers react as quickly as possible. Usually, nerfs are enough to make winning not so easy.

Which individual cases does one rioter mention?

There was Nasus who could crit with his stacks, I think this was an intended change that made it to live to help open up more builds but back the Triforce had Crit and with an IE and some stacks you just bonked for 2k over and over. I only ever did it in a bot game just to live the dream in the brief window it was on live.

Another Nasus one was when his ult was accidentally set to 100% AP per tick on the damage aura instead of 1% or something to that effect, you basically just went AP Nasus, flash in and Zhonya’s with your ult and kill everyone around you.

Another one that was mentioned is Yorick.

Yorick pre-rework had a bug where he could infinitely respawn through his clone ult thing and he could just run it down and face tank towers while you got credit for 500 kills on him but it didn’t matter.

At the very end is Tryndamere. Although the champion was mentioned last, he was certainly no less memorable than the other two for Rioter, who described heroes with unconventional builds.

Oh and AP Tryndamere. That was one of the all time greats. It was there for years but no one did it until someone found a random gold player spamming it and turbo climbing to diamond or something. Then it spread and boy oh boy was it crazy. Basically Tryn’s Q could easily heal for like 700 on a tiny cooldown, his Spin would AoE for 500-1000 and his built in crit was enough to make the cooldown tiny since you could itemize CDR in the build.

This also let him pseudo-flash over and over and be impossible to pin down. And since you had CDR his ult had like a 20 second cooldown and lasted 7 seconds so when you finally caught him and got through 1500 points of healing, he’d ult, run away, heal up, go back to pushing and just win the game by himself.

Many more characters were mentioned throughout the thread. Players mentioned, among others, Tank Fizz, Twisted Fate who could teleport all over the map without restriction, and Galio from patch 7.21, in which his conversion rates allowed him to eliminate virtually any opponent in the blink of an eye.