Jordan brand shoes styled with League of Legends heroes. A great concept that could be a hit

Numerous footwear concepts have appeared on the web, alluding to individual LoL characters with their colors and designs.

League of Legends fans are incredibly creative. They depict their favorite heroes from the game not only on fanart but also create a mass of other designs that are LoL-related. Home ornaments, figurines, jewelry, or clothes inspired by Summoner’s Rift characters are just a few examples of what can be found on the Internet.

Someone even came up with the idea of designing shoes that referenced individual champions. How did it turn out? Probably more than one player would be tempted to buy such footwear.

Shoes with champions from League of Legends

Quite a few concepts have appeared on the Internet by Arckicks, which combine the motifs of League of Legends heroes with Jordan brand shoes. The shoe of each champion refers to the colors of that character but also differs in accessories, decorations, or shape in general.

Most of the concepts are chosen in such a way that they are immediately associated with the hero they were inspired by.

The ideas are interesting and probably more than one League of Legends fan would be tempted to get such shoes. Perhaps in the future Riot will release something similar, as more than once the creators of LoL have collaborated with fashion brands.