Blitzcrank’s recent buffs have made him the best support in League of Legends

Champion’s buffs to send him to other positions made him an even stronger support.

Update 12.19 introduced a lot of off-meta changes to League of Legends to make the gameplay more interesting. Riot is testing new things, as a lot is about to happen by introducing pre-season changes to the game (especially for jungle).

As for Blitzcrank, he recently received a number of buffs to strengthen him in other positions. The developers explained that the character was originally intended to be a fighter, so they wanted to bring him closer to his former role. However, these buffs accidentally made him the best support in League of Legends. This can be seen, among other things, in the sharp increase in the win rate.

Best support in League of Legends

Blitzcrank was one of Riot’s main targets in the latest update. A number of changes were explained as follows:

 Fun fact, Blitzcrank was initially designed as a fighter champion! While they’ve found their place in the support role over the years, we still think it could be fun to let the Great Steam Golem try their hand at something other than grabbing. We’re buffing some more “fighter” parts of Blitz’s kit to make them a more proficient duelist at as little of a cost to their primary support playstyle as possible—so put on those Boom Boom Blitzcrank skins and get punchin’! Hah. Hah. Hah. 

However, this inadvertently affected the win ratio in the support role, and Blitzcrank quickly rose to the top of the rankings after the 12.19 update.

Champion now has a 53.11% win ratio, up more than 3% from the last update. What’s more, his play rate has exceeded 10% and he is banned in more than a quarter of games. These statistics make him arguably the best support player in the game.

The numbers increase with the division. According to the website, in Diamond+ the hero wins almost 56% of the games.

Statystyki w Diament+

It is already known that Riot has provided some fixes for Blitzcrank. In the early description of the 12.20 update, you can find quite a few changes for him. More information about that can be found in this article: Detailed description of the next update 12.20 in League of Legends. All detailed changes.