Interesting fan skin design for Thresh – Arcana. Should Riot do such a skin?

One of the League of Legends fans has designed a new skin for Thresh. How did it come out?

Arcana is a relatively new skin series that hit Summoner’s Rift in March this year. Four characters from LoL received a skin in this theme – Camille, Lucian, Tahm Kench, and Xerath. In the case of the latter, the matter is very interesting, because the protagonist is shown in the human version.

The series of skins has appealed to many fans, including artists who create their own League of Legends projects. So far, a lot of fan skins with this theme have been created. In the past, there were separate articles about an interesting project featuring Arcana Evelynn or fanarts from Arcana Lulu.

The time has come for another work of this type. This time the fan skin was given to Thresh, who looks quite interesting in the new version.

The idea for the skin – Arcana Thresh

The author of the concept is Anastasia Mardumova, an artist from Russia, who also appears under the nickname Laethain. The girl has done various projects, including those related to League of Legends or Dota 2. A few of them have separate articles.

Anastasia regularly publishes work related to LoL. In the past, she also participated in a competition organized by Riot. Her latest project is Arcana Thresh.

The author designed not only the appearance of the hero in the game but also the effects of his skills. As with other skins in this series – the skin is dominated by various shades of red.