Doublelift agrees with Tyler1. “This is the most disgusting, mentally destructive role in all of LoL”

Tyler1 got to Challenger on a total of three different lanes. What are his conclusions?

Tyler1 has taken on the rather tough challenge of reaching the Challenger on all lines that exist. So far, he has managed to achieve this rank on:

  • ADC
  • TOP,
  • MID,
  • Jungle.

A few days ago we got to know how long it took him on each line. Streamer also shared some rather surprising conclusions about where he encountered the best players.

Where were the best opponents?

Tyler also commented on where he met the most resistance and why. Interestingly, this sparked a broader discussion that popped up on many different streams. Tyler finds mid-lane and the jungle tough, but only until you try TOP.

Top lane is supposed to be a nightmare, this is where the best players who know very well what counter to use are.


Tyler also thinks the MID is the simplest in the game. All you have to do is go down to other lines, and on top of that, nobody cares about the waves of minions.

All you do is clear the vision, go BOT, go to the TOP, play with the opposite jungler and that’s it. (…) The support is broken, it should be removed altogether.

All these words were referred to, for example, by Doublelift, who agreed that Tyler was right.

TOP is the most punishing and disgusting role in the entire game. If you don’t do TOP well, your game is done. If the opposing jungler doesn’t want you to win, you won’t win. If you hit a counter, you can’t breathe, you’ll be completely dominated throughout the game. TOP is at the moment the most mentally destructive role (…). Only psychopaths would enjoy TOP lane.


What is the difficulty? Being very dependent on the jungler, it is extremely difficult to get off the line and have any influence on the game until the middle of the game. There are many different counters, the good of which cuts the player out of the game, having to constantly stay under his tower.

From all this it turns out that the MID is the simplest, then the jungle, supports should be removed (according to Tyler), while ADC and TOP are the worst roles.