Great skin concept from League of Legends. What could Psyops Kayn look like?

One of the fans has created an extensive project of a new Kayn skin. What does it look like?

Kayn is a hero who entered the League of Legends on July 12, 2017. He quickly gained a lot of fans who loved his skill set, in large part because he was able to change form during the game.

Unfortunately, this type of mechanics makes creating new skins a bit problematic. Before the latest skins for this hero (Nightbringer and its Prestige version) came out, fans had to be patient, as Riot hasn’t released anything since 2018.

Fans showed that Kayn could get a variety of interesting skins. One of them is Psyops Kayn, which was created earlier this year. What does it look like? Should Riot add such skin to the game?

The idea for the skin – Kayn from PsyØps

The author of the fan concept of the Kayn skin is Alsie Lau, an artist from Canada. Probably some LoL fans know this name because in the past there have been articles about other projects by this creator.

In early 2022, PsyØps Kayn’s really polished splash art appeared on the creator’s social media. At first glance, it can be confused with the official graphics, because the image is of a very high quality.

The idea for a new skin for Kayn appealed to commenters who asked to expand the concept. Some time has passed and today players can see more graphics, this time of the hero in the game.

What do its forms look like? It must be admitted that the skin is impressive.

Splash art:

In-game model:

The skin looks really good and probably more than one Kayn fan would buy it on the day of the premiere.