The LoL Lead Designer talks about which role is most important in the game, and why. Do you agree?

Which role is most important in League of Legends?

A team in League of Legends in its standard gameplay consists of five players. Each of them has a specific role in a given match assigned to their position. Players have different tasks and, in the LoL environment, it has always been possible to encounter debates in which they argued about which role has the greatest impact on the outcome of the game.

Some people thought it was a carry because he was mainly responsible for dealing damage in the team. Others point to the jungler, because his task is to guard the objectives of the map, such as the dragon or the baron, and to help lane players, and others point to the support, because in the early stages of the game he supports the shooter, and then is responsible for vision on the map.

One of the popular Rioters also commented on the topic. What did the studio employee say?

Riot August on supports

Riot August is known, among other things, for the fact that he broadcasts quite often. During the streams, he speaks about changes, mechanics, or the League of Legends gameplay in general. During one of the last streams, Rioter raised the issue of supports and their impact on the game. How, in his opinion, do they compare to other roles?



If your support was bad, it was the role that most likely to lose you the game . So basically, your team needed a good support as a baseline to function. But then, once you had a good support, it was way more dependant on other players. But having a bad supports is the easiest ways you can lose.

So having a good support player is really important to the team, and Rioter believes that playing without him is a recipe for failure. Nevertheless, the support itself is very dependent on the team and can only support its team, instead of leading it to victory.

This is probably one of the reasons for the introduction of autofill protection, which was giving the role to players who were often unfamiliar with this position.