A unique end of the game in LoL. Two nexuses destroyed at the same time

One of the players boasted about the unusual ending of one of his ranked games.

League of Legends games can be surprising. It is not uncommon for a match to turn upside down in a matter of moments. Sometimes one bad decision is enough, but it also happens that coincidence is the deciding factor in winning or losing.

The most interesting, however, are the endings of the games where the victory is only seconds away and the player does everything to get the coveted LP. In such situations, more than one person behaves differently than usual because they act under the influence of emotions and know that the entire team depends on them.

The latest video from LoL shows two such players who took part in an unusual race.

An exciting battle for the Nexus

The video uploaded by TA21224141325423 starts with the action at the base of the blue team. You can see Viego from the red team killing his enemies one by one. When almost all of the opponents are dead, the hero goes to the Nexus to end the game. He is accompanied by a sizeable army of minions, so it would seem that everything will go his way and there is nothing special about it. However, it soon turns out that this is not the main topic of the recording.

At the same time, on the opposite side of the map, Sion from the blue team destroys the enemy tower and begins to beat the Nexus. This player is much slower (mainly because he started the race with Viego with a delay resulting from destroying the turret), but he does not give up and consistently attacks the enemy base.

The other participants of the match can only watch this exciting “duel”. At some point, both Nexus have some HP leftovers, and one hit is enough to destroy any of them.


As you can see, Viego from the red team felt either too sure or accidentally clicked on one of his items. Regardless of what was driving him, the momentary freezing after using Zhonya meant that Sion had time to destroy the Nexus on the opposite side of the map.

The game ended in a defeat for the red team, although from the beginning it seemed that the blue ones would lose this ranked.

Many commentators praised Sion for consistently trying and not fooling around with dancing, using unnecessary items and the like.

That Sion is a fu***** hero. Didn’t ever give up.