Riot on no fixes for Porcelain Kindred. LoL players believe that the creators were dishonest

What changes did fans expect, and why Riot wasn’t able to make them?

Some time ago, players could learn about the new skins from the Porcelain series, coming to League of Legends on the occasion of the upcoming Chinese New Year. Fans paid a lot of attention to Lissandra and Kindred – heroes who do not receive new content as often as many other characters.

The players also noted the fact that this is the second skin of Kindred, where the heroine is depicted in human form. Riot’s approach did not appeal to fans who would prefer the creators not to show the character as a human figure in a mask.

There were a lot of critical comments in a thread where players were able to comment on the new skins, however, Riot replied that the skin could no longer be changed. After two weeks, players went back to the employee’s arguments and verified that the reason given was in fact the real one.

Why is Kindred human?

First, it’s worth taking a look at what Riot’s explanation looked like. Despite many criticizing comments about the human appearance of Kindred, the devs announced that they are no longer able to change the upcoming Porcelain skin for LoL.

For the players asking about the mask or kindred being humanized, I’m sorry, I have tried and the thing is this change is not as simple as just changing her in-game model, Marketing, splash, and promotional materials will also be affected by this as there is an event tied to this, thus we won’t be making any adjustments to her model at this stage.

Two weeks after the publication of the above statement, players can take a look at the elements mentioned by the designer. The user with the nickname Ozaiko lists all arguments and shows related graphics.

Now let’s check, where are Kindred in all the marketing and promotional materials ? They are no where to be found in the event cinematic, barely visible in the event artwork and even cropped in the client xD

I would have understand no tweaks for Ezreal or Lux has they have been animated in 3D and take huge space in every material. But Kindred seem to be hidden from any marketing point of view.

It’s sad that we didn’t even got a single chroma where Lamb wasn’t human-like, there have been some great concepts that gives her a spiritual look simply by tweaking her skintone.

Kindred fans hope that the next skin for their favorite character will present her in animal form.