Everything we know about the new LoL champions that will appear in 2022. What to expect?

The developers have revealed some information about the champions that will hit Summoner’s Rift in the coming months.

Each year in League of Legends is a huge dose of news. Riot introduces new characters, items, runes, and map changes. The developers want the game to develop all the time and never be boring.

In 2022, it will be the same. Rioters are already announcing some of the attractions that will be added to the game in the coming months.

The novelties also include more interesting heroes. The creators want the champion pool to be always diverse, so they focus on distributing characters in different positions. What is known about the heroes coming in 2022?

LoL characters in 2022

Ryan “Reav3” Mireles, leader of the hero creation team at Riot Games, spoke about the champions coming to Summoner’s Rift this year.


The first character that will get to the players will of course be Zeri, a young girl coming from Zaun, who is associated with electricity. Quite a lot is known about her.

Zeri is an overactive bot lane heroine. Her skills are inspired by firearms, mainly machine and automatic rifles.

Her playstyle is different from that of other hosts. Instead of a basic attack, her Q is a gauged skill, which she uses for everything the other bottom attackers do with basic attacks.

Zeri has a basic attack, but it’s not her main way to farm, deal damage, and capture targets. It is used rarely, only at certain times.

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New support

The next hero to find Summoner’s Rift will be an enchanter.

When we thought what support we wanted to make, we took a look at all enchanters. They are often carefree, colorful and kind. We found that players deserve someone sinister and dark.

The creators admitted that they would like to see a hero who will not only break the pattern of nice and happy characters but also allow players to feel real strength and satisfaction in the game.

The early presentation shows that the character will be tied to the Void and will likely be able to take control of the minds of other heroes.

New jungler

Not much has been said about the new jungler. Ryan “Reav3” Mireles joked that the hero was too scary to be mentioned.

After the support, we’ve been hard at work on the terrifying new jungler that will soon be swarming Summoner’s Rift. That’s enough for today, because just talking about him makes me feel weird.

Unusual bot lane hero

Finally, it’s time for a mysterious announcement of a character that, according to the developers, will be truly unique.

Finally, a sneak peek at a very mysterious new bot lane champion coming later this year.

Unfortunately, not much has been said about it. Riot only revealed the above art. On its basis, it is very difficult to say who the announced mysterious champion will be.

It remains to wait for further information on this topic.