Complete rebuilding of LoL passes. Players compare it to other productions like Fortnite

The creators announced that a new system for obtaining content as part of event passes will appear in League of Legends.

The 2022 season at LoL has started. On this occasion, many interesting attractions were announced. In addition to new skins, heroes, rework, and balance changes, Riot has decided to introduce a new way to display progress in passes.

How will it look like? Which elements from old events will remain in the game and which ones will be completely changed?

New pass system in League of Legends

Event Passes are an essential part of League of Legends. This is a great way to get a variety of cosmetic accessories, including chromas, emotes, and Prestige skins. Until now, the progress of the pass could be watched through the mission system, which was displayed in the lower right corner of the game client (next to the friends list).

Riot wants the 2022 passes to be more readable, and thus – bring satisfaction from getting new levels.

A new Event Pass is coming to the game this summer, making tracking progress and rewards a lot easier.

Event tokens will continue to be the key mechanics of this system, however the rewards earned will come from a new path.

Progress will be achieved by playing matches and completing missions, which in turn will be rewarded with emotes, loot, and essence.

The important thing is that players will still be able to exchange the collected tokens for rewards, such as chromas or Prestige skins.

We’ve been experimenting with making major changes over the years, but the most common opinion was that token-based rewards selection is something you really like about LoL’s event system.

The highlights of the new passes:

  • Free Event Missions: Converted into rewards on the Free Pass track. As before, they will contain a total of 300 tokens and an event orb in addition to other content. By reaching level 30, you will earn all Free Track rewards.
  • Token Collection Missions for the Pass: Converted into rewards on the Paid Pass track on each level. After 50 levels of the event pass, there will be a level “51” token which can be repeated indefinitely.
  • Pass Milestone Missions: Converted into Pay Pass track rewards.
  • Weekly Pass Win Missions: Will provide XP instead of tokens. They are cumulative with the missions of the first win of the day.
  • (NEW) Free First Win Missions of the Day: Earn Pass XP for your first victory (or 3 games played) each day. Just like the standard First Win Missions are based on a “use it or lose it” model – multiple First Win Missions cannot be stacked.

As you can see, the new pass will be very similar to the system that players know from games such as incl. Fortnite, Apex Legends, or Paladins.

The above-presented method of displaying the rewards works well in many titles and it can be said that it is a very clear and intuitive form of showing progress in the pass.

Event Passes will continue to cost 1650 RP and contain four event orbs and 200 event tokens. We’ll also keep the 2650 RP bundle, which includes the base version of the Prestige event skin, frame, and icon.