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Dragonmancer skins will be added to Wild Rift, including a skin that is not available in LoL on PC

Another unique skin has been added to the mobile version of LoL. Which hero got it this time?

A lot is being said about skins, which are available only in Wild Rift. Initially, the information that the mobile version of League of Legends would have unique skins was truly shocking, and many players did not believe that Riot would do something like this. Over time, there were more and more such cosmetic items, and the community slowly got used to the fact that certain skins would not be available in a PC game.

The creators systematically introduced unique skins, including the entire original series, which had never been on Summoner’s Rift before. Wild Rift players got their own version of Victorious skins and more. Now it has been announced that the next character will get something that won’t be available in the PC version. Who is it this time?

Zephyr Dragon Master Yi in Wild Rift

Dragon skins in League of Legends are really well known because they’ve been coming to Summoner’s Rift in the past years. Currently, the series is quite extensive, and according to many people, its new version is really great.

Skins have their own atmosphere and aesthetic splash art. Riot announced that the PC version of the Dragonmancer series will receive:

  • Kai’Sa,
  • Karma,
  • Thresh,
  • Volibear,
  • Yasuo.

It turns out that the series looks a bit different in Wild Rift. Of course, it’s not that the hero models differ in some way from the PC version. Players noticed that among the famous skins for Ashe, Aurelion Sol, and Brand, there was also someone else – Master Yi.

A new exclusive Wild Rift skin that comes from the Dragonmancer series is called Zephyr Dragon Master Yi and will be available in patch 2.5. It looks as follows:

Other skins in this series:

Lagoon Dragon Kai’Sa

Eternal Dragon Brand

Storm Dragon Aurelion Sol

Fae Dragon Ashe

In addition to the new skins from the dragon series, the game will also include other heroes – Veigar, Caitlyn, and Jayce.

Riot strives to ensure that Wild Rift is constantly developing, which is why they add a lot of interesting news to the game. Each patch is a large dose of cosmetic items, but also new features. It was recently announced that the game will be introducing a guild system, which many players feel is really missing in League of Legends (see: Should there be a guild system in League of Legends? Such a feature will go to Wild Rift).