1485 movement speed and a spectacular Pentakill in LoL. The opponents didn’t stand a chance

One of the players was so fast that it was difficult to keep up with him. A funny clip from League of Legends.

The LoL community loves to test all sorts of weird builds, especially if it can do rotating modes. Players try to use the capabilities of the heroes to make the outcome effective, fun, and amazing. Some people take on “breaking” the game, such as moving jungle creatures with Syndra’s skill or blocking a huge wave of minions with Anivia’s wall (see: An abstract Anivia’s tactic who has gathered her army of minions. The opponents could not cope with her). URF offers great opportunities when it comes to experimenting.

A long time ago, players discovered that a certain inconspicuous champion can become a real speed demon. Of course, speed is not its only advantage. It is enough to imagine a character that moves with amazing speed, and at the same time takes all HP with one attack. Of course, it’s about Jhin.

One of the players decided to have fun this way and chased his enemies with great speed. They didn’t stand a chance.

Superfast Jhin from League of Legends

As most LoL players probably know, Jhin’s passive is quite weird and depends on several important assumptions – the hero has a constant attack speed and fires 4 times, after which he has to reload his weapon. Additionally, the 4th shot always critically hits. If that was not enough – the crits make Jhin speed up for 2 seconds.

How can this be used? Of course, it’s about creating a super-fast killing machine.

One of the players decided to have fun this way. Not only did he play Jhin, but he also had two supporting characters on his team – Lulu and Sona. Both could protect and additionally speed him up.

The hero was moving so fast that hitting him was almost a miracle. In the attached video you can see that the opponents have a big problem with him and they start to panic when their health disappears in a split second.


The author of the video – ChaseTheAnnie – wrote that in the above game he achieved 1485 movement speed. Additionally, the end of the match ended with a spectacular Pentakill. The opponents gave up after realizing that they have no chance.