General chat deletion is only the beginning? “Controversial” pings and restriction of communication for new guilds?

While this has not been confirmed, players are starting to combine all the dots into one rather disturbing theory.

Some may not know, but the removal of the general chat has been talked about in leaks and unofficial information for several months. Riot has officially confirmed many times that it is investigating communication issues and possible changes in this topic.

Back then, the idea was not only to remove the general chat but also to restrict communication in general to people who “players are sure are not good news”. Since the deletion of the chat turned out to be true, as did the “guilds”, then maybe there is something to it.

General chat is just the beginning?

Few people know that clubs have returned to LoL in some way. It’s just that they are now called “guilds” and have been tested for several days in Wild Rift. Yes, Riot added something in a new form that had just been removed a year ago.

Guilds have the same functions as clubs but are improved in a way. You can set the tag, language, privacy levels, start discussions within guilds, select players, etc.

In addition, guild levels have also been introduced. Being in it, you can increase the overall level by earning free rewards.

Earning PG gradually raises the overall level of the guild, unlocking rewards at each milestone.

These rewards so far are mostly guild icon sets and guild badges. Nothing amazing, but the very fact of adding them is interesting, since it has been completely removed from the regular LoL. Wild Rift players are downright annoyed that something like this has even been introduced. On Reddit, under the description of the latest update, there are tons of comments criticizing guilds.

According to the theory of players, after positive tests in Wild Rift, guilds in this or similar form will revert to regular LoL. For what? To improve communication, and perhaps completely limit it to guilds.

Tyler1 said yesterday that it was only the first step when assessing the disabling of general chat. The team chat will be next.

(…) if they remove general chat for toxicity reasons, this is the first step to removing team chat (…)


Tyler thinks you’ll only be able to communicate with pings. However, players are theorizing that the pings will also be reworked soon. There are already proposals to change the question mark or thumbs up because they are used in an offensive way.

And although at the moment players are more joking about such entries, in fact, some people are wondering whether or not it will look like this in a moment.

This is obviously a black scenario that probably won’t turn out to be true, but even the mere fact that the community is discussing it is quite disturbing. It’s not hard to imagine that Riot had the idea to limit chats to guilds and change pings and selected emotes.