Tyler1 on all-chat disabled in LoL: “We’ll probably lose team chat too”

Will players soon be unable to communicate even with their own team during the match? Tyler1 with a probable theory.

A few days ago, League of Legends players learned that a long-standing feature would be disabled overnight in Update 11.21. The topic quickly became the number one discussion on social media.

It was also mentioned by one of the biggest streamers from League of Legends – Tyler “Tyler1” Steinkamp. Of course, like other players and some Rioters, he found this to not be the best idea.

Tyler1 on turning off all-chat

One of the most controversial decisions Riot has made in the past few years is probably disabling cross-team chat. Interestingly, opinions on this subject are also divided among employees, and they usually do not comment on the decisions of other team members.

Of course, there was no lack of statements from streamers from all over the world. The clip of Tyler1, one of LoL’s most recognizable streamers, has become the most popular.


Tyler1 noticed something really meaningful. If developers want to reduce toxicity by completely disabling chat, which we then have to enable ourselves, it is possible that LoL will never have voice chat. The streamer developed the topic a bit after a comment from one of the viewers.


While a Speech-To-Text system that matches LoL and detects multiple languages can cost Riot a lot, it already exists in Valorant. So it’s hard to say why the developers are not introducing such a solution in League of Legends.