An abstract Anivia’s tactic who has gathered her army of minions. The opponents could not cope with her

One of the players decided to create a huge army of minions using Anivia’s wall.

Ultra Rapid Fire mode is currently available in League of Legends. Players test fun compositions and builds, and some try to “spoil” the game as much as possible by blocking minions or monsters in the jungle.

One of the players decided that he would create a huge army of creatures that would help him achieve victory. As it turned out, he actually did it. Did the great wave of minions manage to win the game?

Anivia on URF in LoL

A player with the nickname bcotrim shared a short video with the League of Legends community. The clip begins with a scene on mid, during which Anivia constantly sets up a new wall with her W. As you know, Crystallization is a skill that blocks the passage of not only heroes but also minions. As mid lane was blocked off, minions were gathering next to the allied tower. Most of them were running in different directions, clearly confused.

The time has finally come to remove the obstacle and put the huge army in motion. To increase its strength even more – the player gave the creatures a buff from the Baron. The Herald was also among the gathered minions.

The whole thing looked amazingly spectacular. Did the army manage and lead the team to victory?


As you can see, despite the fact that the opponents were actively killing the minions, they did not manage to destroy even half of the assembled army. The towers in the mid lane fell in the blink of an eye and the blue team entered the enemy base. Soon after, the game ended with Anivia’s team winning.