“Upset LoL players with one sentence.” Riot took up the challenge and answered the question

LoL players sometimes face quite unusual challenges, and this is one of them.

Currently, the whole world of League of Legends revolves primarily around the World Cup, so theoretically, it is difficult to get to things that are not about Worlds. Yet the community is still alive and is still active on other topics as well.

A few days ago, a Reddit user gave players a challenge to upset the LoL community with just one sentence. Hardly anyone expected someone from Riot to appear on the topic.

What did the Rioter say?

Most of the responses were exactly as you might expect, such as:

Standard response. There were also those that concerned specific heroes. Some wrote that it was enough to mention Aphelios and how easy the hero is.

Riot August, responsible for designing heroes, also appears in all of this. How would he irritate the community?

August relatively often raises this topic seriously. According to him, this is true, because an opponent with a huge advantage should eliminate his enemies without stuttering. Riot, however, knows that this issue is controversial, so it will be helping the losers soon.