Death threats towards Upset’s wife and the change of Adam’s nickname, the drama in Fnatic is still ongoing

The wife of the famous player Upset claims that she receives death threats from former Fnatic player Adam.

At the beginning of the biggest tournament in League of Legends – the World Cup, a lot of drama broke out in one of the best teams in Europe. All because of the absence of the top ADC player – Upset.

Although according to official information, there were family problems, there were a lot of unpleasant rumors on the Internet that “his wife cheated on him”. Of course, they turned out to be untrue, but the drama is still going on. All this is due to the former Fnatic player – Adam, who pours fuel on the fire.

Adam and Upset

This year at the 2021 World Cup, the team from Europe – Fnatic, did not do very well. They were playing in a handicap because Elias Lipp, a great ADC player, had to come home due to family problems.

As is often the case on the Internet, the situation gave rise to a lot of rumors, many of which were really unpleasant, like that Upset’s wife had cheated on him. In this article, however, we will not describe those events, you can read more here: Huge drama with Fnatic, Rekkles and Upset during Worlds 2021 at LoL. The player officially speaks.

A few months after this event, Adam “Adam” Maanane (TOPlaner from Fnatic) decided to add oil to the fire. He did not accept the loss and departure of the key player, so after the tournament, he called the board of Fnatic and Upset himself and stated that his absence was completely unjustified, at least until the full explanation.

How did it end? Adam left the team, and Upset signed a contract until 2023, i.e. for two consecutive seasons. However, the TOPlaner did not forgive the former teammate at all. Now he decided to change his nickname in League of Legends to “Lonely Wife UwU”, which is a reference to one of the rumors about Upset and his wife. Namely, he was to leave Worlds, because his partner felt lonely.

Now, several hours after this post, there is an account on EUW with this nickname, but it already belongs to another player with gold.

Nevertheless, the post caused a great deal of outrage among the community of both parties. Adam’s fans, according to Upset’s wife, wished her death. Only because she is the partner of his former teammate.

Her husband spoke out in her defense. He stated that he had offered to talk to Adam many times, but he ignored invitations and only wanted drama, which he thinks is very disgusting.

What do commenters think about all of this? The vast majority wish Adam a decline in his career. They claim that the boy is toxic and it is very good that Elias has not shared information with him regarding private problems.

Can the behavior of the former Fnatic toplaner be justified? On the one hand, it is not proper to laugh and spread rumors, as such a famous person in the world of e-sports. Especially since they lead to such situations as a death wish. On the other hand, some commenters note that the boy is only 19 and may blame Upset for destroying his dreams – winning the Worlds, especially if he didn’t even know the reason for his absence. They also emphasize that changing a nickname is not something terrible, and the whole thing has been greatly exaggerated.

So who is right in all of this? Everyone should analyze the situation for himself and take the side he sees fit.