Riot is showcasing the new skins coming to Wild Rift once again. What about PC?

The appearance of new skins for Wild Rift has been revealed.

Wild Rift is a game for mobile devices that is constantly being developed and refined. Riot is working hard to keep players’ attention and encourage newcomers to try LoL for phones. One form of attracting new fans is releasing exclusive skins or even a whole series that will never appear in a PC game.

At the moment, there are over a dozen of these types of skins, which are made really carefully, so that many players would pay a lot of RP for them. Who will the latest skins go to? What is their splash art, and is there any chance that Riot will release them in the original LoL as well?

New skins for Shyvana and Sona

On Thursday night, the appearance of new skins for the mobile version of League of Legends was revealed. Two famous heroines will receive them – Shyvana and Sona. Is there a chance that the presented skins will also appear in LoL on PC? To answer this question, we need to take a close look at the series they belong to.

Hexplorer Shyvana

The first of the skins presented – Hexplorer Shyvana – is another skin from the Hexplorer series, which some Wild Rift fans have surely heard about. This is a series related to the pass in the League of Legends mobile version. The first Hexplorer skin went to Jax, and then skins from this series were created for Teemo and Tristana. So it is certain that the new Shyvana will not make its way to LoL for PC as it is an exclusive series.

Crystal Rose Sona

The second presented skin – Crystal Rose Sona – comes from the series that has already been included in League of Legends on PC. Skins on this subject appeared for the first time on February 11, 2021, and were given to Zyra and Swain. The players hope that the Sona version presented above will go to LoL on computers in a similar version.

Unfortunately, there’s a pretty good chance it won’t happen. As you know, Wild Rift included exclusive skins from the series which were in both versions of the League, and a good example is Miss Fortune’s Lunar Beast.