A perfect, even impossible charm by Ahri, or maybe just a lucky play of a LoL player?

On a stream of one of Ahri’s biggest fans, there was an interesting action on the middle lane.

League of Legends players boast about a variety of actions. Sometimes it’s a spectacular pentakill or another kill-strike. Another time someone shows an example of a perfect escape from the opposing team or a perfect Baron steal. Regardless of what is happening on the screen, it can be safely concluded that in most cases the player was not only skilled but also very lucky. So it was this time.

LegitKorea is a popular streamer that many people associate mainly with being Ahri’s main. It is true that calling him the main is definitely not enough, because this player is the Challenger and the best Ahri on the NA server. It must be admitted that this is a big achievement and many fans of the fox can learn mechanics or builds from him.

No wonder that there is a lot of spectacular action on LegitKorea’s streams. One of them is today’s topic. What exactly happened?

A spectacular Ahri’s charm

One of the streamer’s viewers captured an interesting moment from the game. A short cinematic that is less than a minute long shows the action from mid lane. Ahri and Gwen are seen fighting the enemy Talon. This one has no chance to survive and dies after a while. Graves joins the fight and initially tries to attack Ahri, but quickly notices that he has no chance and it was a mistake to mess with her. The player tries to run away, uses the flash… and gets a charm in a split second.


As you can see, Graves was out of luck as he flashed straight at Ahri’s flying charm. A moment later, he lost his life, and the heroine gained another kill.

The video shows that the streamer was surprised that his E hit the enemy. He eventually ended up returning to base with 3/0/2 stats and a double buff.

Some commentators admitted that watching the above action was extremely satisfying. It’s also worth noting that the streamer wasn’t playing regular Ahri because he was playing her the AD jungle variation.