LoL players don’t have an easy life. Tyler1 tells about his nightmares

Nightmares with LoL in the lead role? This is how Tyler1 dreams.

League of Legends players often complain about the game but still play it. In addition, some are dependent on it, such as, for example, streamers who base their main content on this production.

Therefore, it often happens that they can play several thousand matches a season, which makes the game appear in their dreams. This is the case of Tyler1 who told about his nightmares on stream.

Tyler1 and his nightmares

If you play League of Legends, you probably have times when you think about the game during various situations throughout the day. Whether at work during an important project or at school during a test. This is normal if we like something, but when it comes to Tyler “Tyler1” Steinkamp, LoL has integrated with his life so deeply that he dreams of it at night. Interestingly, these are not ordinary dreams, but the most terrible nightmares.

During one of the last live broadcasts, the streamer talked about how much LoL has had an impact on his life.

What was Tyler dreaming about? It turns out that his dream was about… trying to win the ranked for 50 minutes.



If you also have dreams, it is good to free your mind before going to sleep. Listening to your favorite podcast, music, watching a movie or reading a book can help.