Bug in LoL, which allowed to generate an infinite amount of gold

A strange bug allowed the player to have a full build at an early stage of the match.

Various bugs appear frequently in League of Legends. Some of them can be extremely dangerous as they give the player who uses them a huge advantage over others. Errors come in different types and many are found by accident. It is not always easy to recreate them. Of course, it also happens when using a bug is so trivial (e.g. simply playing a given hero) that Riot is forced to turn off some characters for a while.

An interesting bug was discovered recently that could mess up quite a bit. The person who used it could earn an incredible amount of gold, and thus – easily defeat enemies because she had many more items.

Vigilant Wardstone and infinite gold

The full build is something that is not cheap and easy to get. Items in the game often cost a lot of money. The player must do his best to earn it faster than the opponent because the difference in the possessed items is very noticeable. Surely everyone knows situations in which the enemy quickly earned money for items, which turned him into a killing machine.

One of the famous Youtubers known for League of Legends posted a video where you could see the account of a certain player. The history of his games looks incredibly suspicious – you can see that every game the account holder has high stats – even over 30 kills, pentas, quadras, and so on. The more you look at his gaming history, the more it feels like the player isn’t entirely fair.

Rusella, because that is the name of the aforementioned user, also has a rather specific purchase history. You can see that she was selling the same item many times during the match – Vigilant Wardstone.

What is said item? The Vigilant Wardstone is a not very popular item for a support. Its premise is quite simple because, in addition to adding health or skill acceleration units, the item also allows to store up to 3 purchased Control Wards. The player also gains an increased limit of wards set by one.

It turned out that there was a bug in the game that allowed to generate a huge amount of gold. Everyone who used it could get a full build in a really short time, and thus – quickly dominate their opponents and win games.

Vandiril decided to publicize the topic and showed how the bug in question works. The bug duplicated the item you owned so that you could sell it practically indefinitely. Each sale gave the player a lot of gold, so after a few repetitions of the entire process, the player could freely buy even the most expensive items.


While it is natural for bugs to occur in the game and it is difficult to get rid of all the problems with the code, taking advantage of the developers’ oversight is really condemned by the community. Players who cheat in this way are banned sooner or later, so it’s not worth using these kinds of things.

Fortunately, publicizing such situations means that the described errors are quickly repaired and further exploitation becomes impossible.