The GTA Trilogy Achievement List has been leaked along with new trophies. Big foot in SA, bikes in VC?

A Rockstar fan has found some interesting images related to the upcoming remaster of the GTA Trilogy.

We could hear about the GTA Trilogy many months ago, but it was not until October 5 that the official confirmation of the existence of this project appeared. Icons for each of the three productions have appeared in the Rockstar PC game launcher – for more information, see this article. Now a member of the community of the gangster series has found achievements to earn in the games.

GTA community member found an achievement list?

One of the “GTAForums” users, using the name “alloc8or”, posted a list of achievements that are likely to be earned in each of the Trilogy titles. You can decrypt from them some news that will probably be in the games. What’s more, it is said that each version of GTA will receive a handful of new achievements, and although it is not known what exactly they will be or how they will be unlocked – we know how many of them will be:

  • GTA III – 15 new achievements,
  • GTA Vice City – 9 new achievements,
  • GTA San Andreas – 15 new achievements.

Of course, most of them should be known to players who have played Trilogy titles in the past. Below you can see a list of leaked achievements, though probably not all of them:


Vice City

Bikes went to the Rockstar gangster series only in San Andreas, but it seems that this time the developers are going to add them in the Vice City version.

GTA San Andreas

Veterans of the Grand Theft Auto franchise who still remember the times of San Andreas well know that the community has been busy searching for Bigfoot for a long time. It turned out that it was indeed in SA, but it was removed some time before the premiere of the game. It seems that the developers actually decided to add it in a refreshed version of the title since they added the achievement that shows a hairy foot.

The above information is obviously not official, so it is worth taking it with a grain of salt. Either way, it looks really fair and we’ll find out everything in 2022 because that’s when the renewed GTA Trilogy is to be released.