GTA 6 could come as early as next year? This is suggested by the news released by the publishers

A conversation with Take-Two Interactive investors sheds some light on the release of the next GTA installment.

GTA 5 was released quite some time ago, and fans have long been anticipating information about the next installment. Although so far the developers have not shared the goings-on with the community, in a way they were pressed to the wall when a considerable amount of gameplay footage was leaked. At the time, it was confirmed that work was underway on the next installment of GTA, but nothing was known about the gameplay or release.

Now Take-Two Interactive – a publisher affiliated with Rockstar Games, which is developing GTA 6 – has released an interesting post that suggests the release of the next installment of one of the world’s most popular series.

GTA 6 release coming soon?

During a call with investors, Take-Two said that fiscal 2025 will set “new standards in the industry.” These are the same words the company used earlier when discussing GTA 6.

Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick further stated that the company will “reach more than $8 billion in net bookings,” further fueling the hype for Rockstar’s highly anticipated title.

In an interview with , Zelnick said he was not referring to any “specific titles,” but rather the range of games under development.

We believe it’s highly achievable. As you know, it’s exceedingly rare that we talk about out years. And when we do, it’s because we have a high degree of confidence. It’s a reflection of a pipeline we’ve been investing in for years. We’re beginning to see that come to fruition in fiscal 24, and then in fiscal 25, we expect to see some great successes.

Earlier rumors suggested that GTA VI will be released in 2024, and the information released by the publisher seems to agree with this. Nevertheless, these speculations should not be taken for granted. However, fans can certainly count on the fact that the release is fast approaching and official information from the developers will be forthcoming before long.