GTA 6 announcement on the horizon? An actor begins to tease all those waiting

More Miami photos thrown around out of context are starting to look really suspicious.

It’s perfectly normal for people associated with Rockstar or TakeTwo to try to create an artificial fuss, fueling hype not even for GTA 6 anymore, but for their own person. However, one never knows whether this is about gaining popularity or actually about the announcement of the sixth.

Bryan Zampella had already started to be on the community’s radar a few days ago, as his photos seemed rather suspicious. This, however, was not grounds for suspicion. After all, it’s just a regular photo.

But there’s more

Bryan, who is supposed to be voicing Jason, is inserting more and more out-of-context photos that directly reference Miami.

Even stranger, pieces from Vice City appear on his Story.

Now, you can either guess that something is up, or you can conclude that this is something of a community boost. These original posts have been getting millions of views, so it’s no wonder more are popping up.

There have already been so many GTA 6 announcements that it’s hard to count them. If one were to persist, one could write every week that something should be appearing any minute now. So far, only leaks have appeared.