The GTA trilogy is almost certain. Leak from NVIDIA GeForce NOW – all there is to know

A revolutionary leak from GeForce NOW revealed Rockstar’s plans for the Grand Theft Auto series.

On September 12, an entry was posted in one of the blogs explaining how part of the GeForce NOW client application control research led to the GraphQL editor.

This one contained several titles that had not yet been published or even announced. There were three items on the list from Rockstar Games that caught the attention of the community the most. We are talking about three remastered versions of GTA.

Remaster of the parts the GTA community misses the most?

The leak shows that Rockstar developers are working on the entire trilogy. Remaster is to receive parts of Liberty City, San Andreas, and “The Third”.

Other leaks say the graphics in these games are meant to be a mix of new technology with the older PS2 style.

It is also worth adding that among all the games leaked by NVIDIA GeForce NOW, the GTA: Liberty City Stories port for PCs has appeared. This would be developed by Lucid Games.

The above information seems to be really reliable, but still take it with a grain of salt. Rockstar Games has not yet officially announced the above games, so everything may change or simply appear differently. At the moment, it is said that the games will be released in 2022.