Why did Fortnite appear on TV? Boomers are surprised that 3 hours will not be enough

The fact that Fortnite is reaching adults is nothing amazing. It is amusing, however, to what conclusions the boomers sometimes reach.

The BBC informed that Fortnite in China is ending. The topic turned out to be incredibly interesting, so it got to the places where you don’t normally talk about computer games or at least not about Fortnite itself.

As a result, older people were surprised that 3 hours a week was not enough for young people to improve their playing skills. Due to the changes in the rules, it was during these 3 hours that Chinese players could now play.

So it must have landed on television

The BBC approached the topic very reasonably. Seeing the emotions the situation evokes, Fortnite appeared in the news to which one of the YouTubers was invited. The whole conversation was short and concise, nothing out of the ordinary, but the topic was well presented.

You can’t improve your skills in 3 hours, it’s even hard to know what has changed in Fortnite since the last game. In China, you can only play at weekends and, among other things, this topic was discussed:


The server shutdown in China is still very controversial. A lot of people lose not so much the money spent, but the time invested in the development of the account. So far, petitions asking to transfer cosmetic items from the Chinese server to the international one remain unanswered by Epic.