When is the end of Fortnite Season 8 and the start of Fortnite Chapter 3? There will be a technical break for the players again

If all goes as planned, in early December it will not be Season 9, but Chapter 3.

Before we go into the details and dates, it should be clarified that the information on Chapter 3 is based on leaks. They come from verified sources, but this has still not been confirmed by Epic.

Therefore, it cannot be written that it will be so. There is a great chance for this, but you also have to be in the back of your head that Epic has not confirmed it and that something may change.

How will it look like according to leaks?

Leaks say that on December 5/6 (depending on the time zone) an event will take place, after which Fortnite will stop working. You probably won’t miss it, because the countdown will appear in the menu as well as directly in the match.

Again, all modes will be disabled and players will only be able to join a mode called “The End”. Does it remind you of something? This was how the first chapter ended.

What’s next? According to leaks, Fortnite will stop working. The server start date is to be December 6 or 7, which again depends on the time zone.

Summing up:

  • Fortnite will feature a countdown event in the menu and in-game.
  • Then the servers will stop working for several dozen hours.
  • Fortnite will return with Chapter 3.

This is what all leaks look like so far, we are still waiting for confirmation from Epic.