How to get a new Fortnite glider for free? Each player can do this by completing the challenges

Epic has announced a new challenge in which you can unlock several rewards. The most interesting, however, is the glider.

It was practically certain that Epic would want to somehow promote cooperation with Naruto, which resulted in the creation of a special subpage with challenges.


How does it work? Just like most community initiatives. It is enough to complete specific challenges to unlock rewards.

Free glider in Fortnite

There are several prizes, the event lasts a total of 4 days and each day there is a different challenge. A glider you can get:


  • You go to the official website – CLICK.
  • You’re logging in.
  • You complete challenges.
  • You get rewards, eventually a glider and a loading screen.

The rewards outside of the screen and glider are “emotes”:

If you happen to miss the Nindo Challenge one day, don’t panic. In a good squad, every ninja takes care of your companions, and we’ll take care of you. Earn at least 2 points on day 5 to get all the unacquired daily challenge rewards listed above.