Tickets, flight schedule, Epic announces something mysterious to Fortnite. The only question is what

Epic announces something on one of the social profiles, but it is not known what exactly.

The case is really about social profiles intended for people from Australia. The official Fortnite account, as well as the Xbox and Playstation accounts, add still incomprehensible graphics.

Rather it doesn’t have much to do with the new chapter, more likely Epic is trying to unveil some community initiative in this way. Though, on the other hand, everything is labeled Fortnite here.

Tickets, flight board

These photos and graphics are official Epic materials, or at least that’s how Playstation and Xbox profiles sign to them.

The matter will probably be clarified tomorrow, because in addition to graphics and photos, there are also two short film materials, both signed with the date – November 25, 21, i.e. tomorrow.



It all has a strange atmosphere, like leaving the island – but it has nothing to do with the new chapter yet.