This is the message of the permanent shutdown of Fortnite servers that players saw today

The day came when part of the world cannot play Fortnite.

As previously announced, today Epic officially shut down some of the Fortnite servers. It is about servers and the entire version of the game intended for China. The rest, of course, works flawlessly.

It’s definitely a pretty sad sight, especially since Epic has no intention of returning to this project. The Chinese players’ proposal to transfer cosmetic items was not accepted, and the Chinese simply do not have a way to play Fortnite at the moment.

Server shutdown message

Once, fake messages appeared on the network that Fortnite was completely disabled. This official message is simpler.

Epic doesn’t announce it’s over. The text at the top is simply a message that there is a problem.

There is a problem. The maintenance of the Fortnite server is ongoing. Try again later.

Something like this will not happen in any part of the world anymore. It is worth mentioning that the Chinese version differed from the “regular” version not only in terms of censorship but also in mechanics – every player won there, regardless of which place he took.

So it’s hard to talk about ordinary Fortnite here, even Epic itself once told us that those two games cannot be compared because they are only connected by a map and cosmetic items.